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Pontiac Mailing Service to Mail-Tek, Inc.

We are writing to inform you that we have sold Pontiac Mailing Service to Mail-Tek Inc. After nearly 40 years, it is time for Richard and me to move on to our next phase in life, retirement. The greatest value in our business has been the support of customers like yourselves and we have worked hard to ensure that the ongoing business continues with great service.

Mail-Tek, Inc. has been servicing the Tri-County area for over 31 years. The owners, Darrell Frizzell and Richard Del Pizzo recognize the goodwill that has been created through our relationships with existing customers. Darrell and Richard are dedicated to the marketing/mailing industry with an emphasis on quality, service and timing of your project. They are keen to ensure that they protect that value by working hard to keep every customer satisfied. We sought them out specifically because they understand the mailing operations and are capable of handling all of our customer's needs.

Richard and I will be staying on through a transition arrangement to insure a smooth handover of business operations. The only major change to the operations will be the move to a new location (24792 Crestview Ct, Farmington Hills MI 48335). Darrell or Richard will be in contact with you seeking feedback on how to identify your future mailing needs.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

Richard Smith and Terry Delcamp

Mail-Tek, Inc. contact information:
24792 Crestview
Farmington Hills, MI 48335
810-623-7200 Darrell's cell

Political Mail Specialists!

When people open their mailboxes, they often don't think of all the work that goes into getting each item to its destination.

Pontiac Mailing Service handles addressing and mailing of brochures and other direct mail products for more than 100 local businesses.

Such businesses include drugstores, hospitals, auto parts stores and many others.

We can help with mailing lists, brochures and fundraising materials, as well as banners and yard signs.

Pontiac Mailing Service is being run by Richard and Theresa, a brother and sister partner team. Their father, the founder of Pontiac Mailing Service, started the business in 1958.

"Pontiac Mailing Service can offer postage discounts on every type of mail. Often times our customers save enough postage to pay for our fees." Richard Smith
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Experts in EDDM

EDDM is a service from the USPS that can save you money on postage and saturate your market area.

EDDM is a targeted advertising technique that blankets an area by delivering a postcard to every address on a mail carriers route.

This type of saturation mailing works best for businesses such as restaurants, dry cleaning, gyms, dentists, salons, retail and many more.

We can help you design, print and mail your EDDM piece.

Visit the EDDM page from the USPS

View the EDDM Mapping Tool from the USPS