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Address & Data Management

Pontiac Mailing & Service offers many mailing lists for your direct mail project. We can help you handle your house mail lists or help you purchase new mailing lists.

Names and addresses are meaningless unless you can convert them into prospects and customers. It doesn't matter how well your mail piece is designed or how great your offer is, because if your mail list isn't right, it will never get into the hands of a qualified prospect. Each of the elements of direct mail must work together to produce your desired results. That's why we offer many kinds of mailing list services. We can help you purchase new mailing lists or help you prepare your own house mail lists. We can even combine your house mail list with a purchased mail list to market to former and prospective clients at the same time.

Just a few of the most popular mailing lists available to us:
  • Apartment Mailing Lists
  • College Mailing Lists
  • Residential Mailing Lists
  • Commercial Mailing Lists
  • Religious Mailing Lists
  • Mortgage Mailing Lists
  • Senior Citizen Mailing List
  • State Mailing Lists

With our years of experience, we're in a position to help you build a high potential mailing list. The first step is to be sure you have a workable mail list of present customers, people who have either actually done business with you or indicated an interest in doing so. The next logical step is to build on any existing mailing list you may have by merging it with a new mail list of well-chosen prospects. We have nationwide access to all types of quality mail lists, and our sales and data staff will work with you to refine your list. After all, the effort you put into perfecting your offer and developing the look and the feel of your mail piece may be in vain if you aren't mailing to the right people. We want to help you prevent that from happening!

Assembling the Right List

Maintaining a productive mail list is an ongoing responsibility. You must consistently evaluate not only who your clients are, but who you want your future ones to be. The following steps can help to build an effective mail list:

1 - Build Your Customer Database
Collecting data about your current clients is the best place to start, and by studying that data you can be more informed about who your target is. If you are marketing to other businesses, be sure to keep separate decision-maker and billing lists, since your target should be whomever is in charge of purchasing, rather than the person paying the bills. If you donít already have a customer database, start one!

2 - Define Your Target Customer
Clearly define your target customer by carefully examining your customer database. Look for similarities between your best clients in age, gender, income, location and occupation. Use these similarities to formulate a profile of your target client.

3 - Maintain Your List
Your mail list will work best if it is accurate and up-to-date. Tracking who responds to each of your mailings will help you to better understand who your target audience should be and what attracts their attention. You can use surveys and your customer purchase history to acquire and update customer information in your database. We strongly recommend that you audit your personal mail list at least once a year so you can remove undeliverable names and addresses.

Data storage

In addition to helping you develop your mailing lists, we will store your critical data in-house at our Pontiac facility. Pontiac Mailing maintains a secure internal server (rather than a web server) where all client data is stored. This is the safest and most secure storage method because your data is accessible only from within our facility and only by our authorized data staff.