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Pontiac Mailing provides comprehensive mailer services. We can perform all of your mailer functions including packaging, printing and shipping. Our commitment to quality ensures that your entire mailer package is cost effective and professional.

Important Information for Pontiac Mailing Customers

The United States Postal Services is continually making changes to improve delivery service. Sometimes it is a challenge to keep our customers aware of the ever changing rules and regulations. On May 15th 2007, new rules will become effective, as well as increased postage rates. Please make sure to contact Pontiac Mailing before printing, so that permits and endorsements are properly affixed.

There are several rules that are now strictly enforced that we want to share:

1) There is a thickness requirement of .009 inches (or 90 lb.) on all automated card mailings. Most printers consider .007 the minimum for card stock. This is very important because if your cards are not thick enough, the post office will charge the regular rate, which is up to 6 cents more.
2) Reply envelopes or cards must contain the proper bar-code. This information can be obtained from the post office at no charge. If your reply envelopes to not have a bar-code, the mail cannot be processed at the automated rate.
3) Beginning in May, there will be a surcharge for cr-rt mail that is mailed using a detached card. Please call Pontiac Mailing if you have questions regarding this change.

Make sure that Pontiac Mailing is your source for information regarding postal regulations and rates. Our partnership with the U.S.P.S will keep your mail delivery fast and efficient.
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