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Postcards Mailing

Direct mail postcards are one of the most popular forms of marketing, and Pontiac Mailing Service offers almost endless options for postcard marketing campaigns.

Postcard marketing is one of the most elementary forms of direct mail marketing. If you are new to direct mail, postcard marketing is a great place to start. And if you are a direct mail veteran, postcards can be a great supplement to your other campaigns.

We familiar with many postcard marketing strategies such as:
  • College Postcards
  • Real Estate Postcards
  • Political Postcards

Postcards are such great marketing tools for so many reasons:

1. Postcard marketing is affordable. And the more your buy the more affordable it becomes! Properly designed, postcards can be printed and mailed for less than other direct mediums.
2. Your competition won't know you are advertising. Unless you want them to! Since your postcards are mailed to the mailing list you choose, you decide whether to let your competitors in on the secret. You can’t do that with print ads!
3. It's easy to track your results. Simply include a code on your offer and request that your customers present the card at the time of purchase. This way you'll be able to easily track how many sales your cards bring in.
4. Postcards reinforce your branding. If you start and continue a regimented postcard campaign people will become increasingly familiar with your company. Familiarity with your company translates to comfort and trust—which translates to sales!
5. Postcards are convenient for your prospects. They get to the point quickly, they're easy and FUN to read and they are convenient to save for later or to pass on to friends.